Mergers & Acquisitions

Structure Law Group, LLP represents both acquiring companies and target companies in mergers and acquisitions.  SLG has handled transactions with values ranging from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of millions of dollars. SLG attorneys have worked in transactions involving both public and private buyers and sellers, represented its clients in California Department of Corporations Fairness Hearings, and closed transactions in both technology and non-technology industries involving domestic and international organizations.  SLG is also proud to have a recognized Northern California Super Lawyer ( in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

Structuring the optimal acquisition often requires experience in multiple disciplines, including corporate law, securities and taxes.  We draw from the strengths of our attorneys, and our network of attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, and other advisors to effectively assist our clients in the process.

For sellers, SLG’s approach is to plan for an exit long before a deal is on the horizon.  SLG’s experience in mergers and acquisition practice can assist a selling client in organizing its records and agreements, finding the issues that might stall an eventual sale, and assist in pre-acquisition planning.  SLG also works with business brokers and investment bankers, as appropriate, to assist in finding potential buyers and closing the transaction.

For buyers, SLG provides advice concerning the structure and documentation required for the transaction, and leads diligence investigations into the selling company’s affairs.  SLG also provides the necessary filings to close a transaction, whether a Premerger Notification with the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice for larger transactions, to simple securities filings or bulk sales notices for smaller transactions.

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