Newsletters - SLG Quarterly

SpringProtecting My Intellectual Property
WinterHow Do You File A Lien In A Construction Payment Dispute?
SummerWhat Is A Teaming Agreement And Is It Enforceable?
SpringThe Basics of Crowdfunding - Part II
WinterBankruptcy - Chapter 11
Fall4 Common Legal Issues That Arise In Commercial Real Estate Transactions
SpringCan Founders Pay For Stock in Cash or Contribute Intellectual Property?
SpringThe Benefits of Trade Secret Protection
WinterDrafting a Social Media Policy for Your Employees
FallPros and Cons of a C-Corporation vs an S-Corporation
WinterNew Employment Laws For 2014
FallThe New LLC Act
SummerCrowdfunding Made Easy? Not So Much...
Spring Should You Sue In Small Claims Court?
Winter New Court Decision Prompts Websites To Revise Their Terms
Fall More Case Law Against Non-Compete Agreements
Summer Annual Shareholder Meeting Requirements
Spring Crowdfunding and Your New Business
Winter The New B Corporations in California
Fall To Hire Or Not To Hire
Summer Is a Letter of Intent Really A Binding Contract?
Spring Tax Incentives Drive Bridge Loan Changes
Winter Choosing Your Company’s Name
Fall Preparing To Sell Your Company - It Is Never Too Early To Start
Summer Independent Contractor or Employee? The Wrong Answer Could Cost You...
Spring Protecting The Privacy of Personal Information Collected By Your Business
Winter Is Your Business Prepared For An Emergency; Corporate Resolutions and Minutes
Fall Foreign Investments Must Be Reported
Summer Beware of Official Looking Letters from "Government Agencies"; Is Your Copier Giving Out Information?
Spring Recession Is A Time Of Opportunity; Shutting the Company Down
Winter Noncompetition Agreements - Important Updates
Fall Autumn Leaves, Tree Roots, And Good Neighbors; Wireless Telephone Laws FAQs
Summer Ask Or You Won't Receive - LLC Fee Refunds
Spring Preliminary Title Reports - No Excuses; Accurately Report Payroll For Worker's Compensation Purposes
Winter Selling On eBay - What You Need To Know
Fall California Cities Asking For Business Licenses; LLC Fee Update
Summer Shareholder Liability for Post Dissolution Corporate Taxes
Spring Formation Of Entities In States Other Than California; Living Trusts - Frequently Asked Questions And Answers
Winter Choosing the Entity For Your Business; New Procedures For Dissolving Entities in California
Fall What To Do When You Get Sued; Can Your Former Employees Contact Your Customers?
Summer Should I Incorporate?
Spring Court Finds California LLC Fee Unconstitutional
Winter Our First Year