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Structure Law Group is a Silicon Valley-based business law firm that provides comprehensive legal services to businesses of all sizes and industries. Our business lawyers are highly experienced in business law and provide counsel and representation that is solution-oriented and designed to promote success. Learn more about the services our Silicon Valley business attorneys can offer your business to protect your legal interests, promote more efficient operations, ensure compliance with business laws, and make your business as profitable as possible.

Business Transactions: While every business transaction creates an opportunity for profit it also opens the door to put the parties at risk. Everything from litigation risk, asset depreciation, substandard services and inadequate deliverables can be mitigated by utilizing legal services prior to finalizing the transaction. Our experienced Silicon Valley business attorneys will ensure that thorough due diligence and investigative efforts we identify risks inherent to the transaction. We then strategically address each of the identified risks and counsel your business on best practices to mitigate or eliminate them entirely. With advanced business planning and contingencies in place we can protect your business assets and protect them from a wide range of negative consequences and scenarios.

Corporations: Corporations have a wide variety of legal needs and Structure Law Group handles them all. Our experienced Silicon Valley corporate attorneys will ensure that your corporation is properly formed, owned, operated and maintained. We can exclusively manage, or advise and assist in, all required filings with the Secretary of State, Department of Corporations, Franchise Tax Board, Internal Revenue Service, Employment Development Department, and all other regulatory bodies which may apply to your particular business. Proper formation, maintenance, and adherence to corporate formalities helps ensure limited liability for owners, offers creditor protection, and provides for diversification of assets. Corporate law forms the foundation for all economic activity in the United States. The role of SLG as corporate counsel is to foresee problems before they arise and address them before the damage occurs. A pillar of your business success is ensuring your corporate needs are adequately anticipated and addressed in a timely fashion. SLG’s corporate attorneys possess the knowledge, experience and expertise your business requires to thrive in these competitive and trying economic times.

Start-Ups and Financing: Silicon Valley is home to thousands of startups and serves as the global hub for innovation, technological advances, social media and venture capital operations. The skilled startup and financing attorneys at SLG counsel businesses in all aspects of developing and growing their startup businesses. Our practice encompasses everything from initial formation and financing agreements to negotiating contracts, dealing with employment issues, protection of intellectual property and of course, representation in state and federal court litigation. By balancing the needs of startup and venture capital firms with investor needs and expectations, our attorneys can carefully craft highly personalized business and litigation strategies to meet strategic benchmarks. Let our highly skilled Silicon Valley start-up and financing attorneys counsel your business throughout the corporate life cycle to help ensure success.

Intellectual Property: Because of the innovative culture of Silicon Valley’s workforce, the most valuable assets held by businesses are often the very ideas generated by employees. Patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights are core intellectual property categories that require protection to avoid having your valuable ideas stolen, and to avoid unfair competition. In addition to filing for, and obtaining the protection afforded by, those categories above, a part of our practice includes assisting businesses in licensing intellectual property and preventing its unauthorized use. The experienced Silicon Valley intellectual property lawyers at the Structure Law Group will help ensure your company’s most valuable assets have extensive legal protection. We employ a wide variety of tools, mechanisms, and best practices to assist in crafting an intellectual property strategy that best protects your business assets.

Debtor and Creditor Rights: Our team of Silicon Valley debtor & creditor rights attorneys assist both businesses and individuals with all aspects of collection and defense matters. This includes obtaining and collection on judgments, bankruptcy proceedings, adversary actions within bankruptcy proceedings, business reorganizations, discharges, as well as all aspects of asset protection against creditors. In addition to complexities and nuances of state and federal litigation, the U.S. Bankruptcy Code poses its own set of challenges even for the most sophisticated of individuals and businesses. In relevant part, the Bankruptcy Code is broken into three main chapters. Chapter 11 involves reorganization of certain businesses. Chapters 7 and 13 pertain to the liquidation of assets for businesses and individuals designed to pay off or extinguish debts, and to help obtain a fresh start. Violation of state and federal collection laws, as well as Bankruptcy Court violations, can lead to serious headaches, fines, disgorgement, or worse. With extensive experience in these fields, we can help businesses and individuals navigate the complex processes involved. Our experienced debtor and creditor rights attorneys can minimize negative and unwanted outcomes and help ensure a successful outcome. Whether you’re seeking to extinguish a bad debt, or collect on a debt owed, let the experienced professionals at SLG guide you in the process.

Business Litigation: Individuals and businesses often find themselves embroiled in legal disputes for a variety of different reasons, sometimes through no fault of their own. Whether you are contemplating bringing a legal action or have one filed against you, it is essential to seek representation from a skilled Silicon Valley business litigation attorney who possess experience in all aspects of litigation. As Silicon Valley Litigation attorneys, SLG’s litigation team vigorously represents clients in a multitude of complex civil litigation matters, both plaintiff side and defense. Our experienced attorneys know the nuances of the state and federal court systems. In addition, we regularly represent clients in mediations as well as local and international arbitration forums. We also have knowledge and experience operating in non-judicial and quasi-judicial administrative forums. The Silicon Valley litigation attorneys at SLG are experienced in all aspects of these processes and handle all aspects of pre, and post-lawsuit negotiations, discovery, law and motion, mediations, arbitrations, settlement, trials, and appeals. Having experienced litigation counsel in your corner can make the difference between celebrating a success or facing defeat.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Structuring the optimal merger or acquisition often requires experience in multiple disciplines, including litigation, corporate law, securities law and a broad-based knowledge of tax ramifications. We draw from the strengths of our firm’s Silicon Valley Merger & Acquisition attorneys, as well as our network of trusted accountants, investment bankers, and other advisors to effectively assist our clients throughout the process. We regularly represent parties on deals of all sizes and work with companies ranging from closely held to publicly traded multi-national corporations. Businesses that are considering this type of fundamental restructuring should always consult with an experienced attorney before an actual offer is made or accepted. We can assist in all aspects of the transaction including assuring appropriate documentation is in place, negotiation of critical terms, drafting and modification of shareholder agreements, as well as anticipating and resolving conflicts. This will assure the best possible deal is reached and serves to mitigate downline operational challenges. Because of our experience representing and counseling buyers and sellers across of variety of industries, in transactions of all sizes and valuations, we understand that every transaction is important to the parties involved. As such, our experienced mergers and acquisition attorneys are committed to providing solution based and goal-oriented legal counsel in all facets of the transaction.

Commercial Real Estate : At SLG we focus on deal-making and adding value for our clients. SLG’s experienced Silicon Valley Commercial Real Estate attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial real estate transactions. Whether it be the initial formation of entities to hold the title to real property, to structuring joint ventures and tenancies in common, we do it all. In addition, we have experience with negotiation of terms, common area maintenance charges (CAM charges), landlord/tenant disputes, managing fixed and variable costs, dealing with lenders and realtors, as well as understanding and negotiating complex contractual terms and conditions. In addition to our trusted team of advisors, we also work closely with our clients’ advisors such as brokers, property managers, financial planners, accountants and qualified intermediaries. This ensures continuity of operations and successful execution of business plans to assist our clients in their investment and operational strategies. In addition to extensive corporate legal experience, our attorneys have personal experience in many real estate endeavors including investment, commercial, residential, and multi-family dwelling units. We pride ourselves on providing the practical, real world legal advice our real estate clients desire in a cost-effective and strategic manner.

Employment : SLG offers effective employment law counseling for companies and executives. The Silicon Valley employment attorneys at SLG have considerable experience dealing with companies ranging from small start-ups to publicly traded multi-national corporations. With ever changing state, local and federal laws, having experienced employment counsel knowledgeable in current legal issues is critical. Our attorneys are skilled at analyzing, negotiating and drafting all employment related documents including company handbooks, contracts, job offers, severance agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and the like. In additional to state and local regulations, we also have extensive experience with federal issues including ADA, FMLA, and recent developments that impact them, such as the COVID-19 response legislation. SLG is also experienced in handling complex employee relation issues and understands that many business decisions can be strategically implemented in a way to eliminate or minimize future liability, litigation, employee turnover, and to help foster a more productive and enjoyable workplace. We offer guidance and assistance in implementing best practices in all these fundamental business endeavors. Having the right legal team in place to anticipate and avoid issues from the outset is always best. When employment litigation does arise, we have experienced employment law litigators in your corner and at the ready. Our employment law litigators routinely handle workplace harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, wage and hour, workplace injury, and other employment related disputes. Simply put, the Silicon Valley employment attorneys at SLG are dedicated to protecting employers from litigation and liability related to employee claims.

Client Reviews
When it came time to setting up a corporation for our law firm—which does not do corporate work—I trusted SLG to set us up and keep us compliant with corporate requirements. Their reputation is pre-eminent among attorneys. Law Firm President
Thanks to Structure Law Group for orchestrating a difficult project and for interacting with the counter-party with an effective combination of both gravitas and finesse. Result: the Impossible became Possible. Gated Clock
They diligently analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of our case and when the other side did not see it the same way, they did not hesitate to go to trial where we won a complete victory. Real Estate Developer
We had a difficult situation with a problem employee. SLG had the perfect blend of strategy and diplomacy to sever the relationship and minimize any and all potential fall-out. We would highly recommend turning to SLG for any employment-related issue that comes up. Employee Benefits Consulting Company President
SLG's attorneys have helped guide us through four lawsuits, waiver forms and other documents set up to help protect our company. Karting Company CEO