Start-Ups & Financing

SLG’s business attorneys actively assist our clients in exploiting their new ventures.  SLG’s attorneys focus on a life cycle approach by counseling clients on entry strategies, growth management, and exit mechanisms.  At the outset, SLG’s attorneys help clients choose the appropriate entity form in which to conduct their business, and help structure appropriate stakeholder relationships through founder agreements, equity incentive programs, and convertible debt financing arrangements.  In later stage transactions, SLG’s business attorneys help meet the needs of venture capital and other investors in designing financing arrangements that balance the needs of the founders with the growth requirements of the venture.  During the exit phase of the business, SLG’s attorneys provide continual and timely assistance in managing the sale of the business, and they have worked in private to private and private to public transactions, and multi-million dollar transaction sizes

As long time members of the Silicon Valley community, we provide introductions to board members, and financial and operational advisors.  We can also refer other service providers, such as bankers, and CPA’s, tailored to the company’s needs.  We see our role as helping build the venture’s team with experienced contributors to the success of the business.