Structure Law Group, LLP’s attorneys focus on proactive employment law advice and counseling to prevent workplace disputes.  We consult on all stages of the employment process including hiring, discipline and termination.  When a client is looking to add people to its business, we work with them to make a determination between hiring an employee and hiring an independent contractor.  We create stock option plans for the company, with personalized stock option agreements for employees and consultants.    We advise our clients on EDD compliance when the business is started and when employees are hired or terminated.  We protect our clients from future employee disputes by drafting concise employment contracts and independent contractor agreements, as appropriate, and counseling on wage and hour laws.  We draft custom employee handbooks when appropriate to prevent discrimination claims and to provide employers with a roadmap on how to treat employees.  We also protect our clients by drafting customized nondisclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements that they can use on hiring or contracting with new people.   When employer liability issues do arise, our experienced litigators step in to defend our clients and, when possible, to look for cost-effective alternatives to litigation.

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