Construction Contracting & Payment Claims

Los Angeles Construction Contracting and Payment Claims Attorneys

Structure Law Group, LLP has represented both large and small companies, as well as individuals involved in various construction law disputes and transactions. The SLG Los Angeles construction attorneys are tenacious advocates and successful litigators.

Construction is one of the riskiest businesses there is, but SLG Los Angeles business attorneys offer competent and thorough legal services for all of the legal issues necessary to safeguard your project from liability for injury, loss of financing, loss of profit, and more. Whether you own a construction business or need to file a lawsuit against a contractor on behalf of your business, Structure Law Group is here to help.

The SLG Los Angeles construction attorneys have developed skills in construction contracting, project management, payment claims, jobsite liability and dispute resolution. Together our attorneys have decades of experience representing contractors throughout the construction project, enabling them to realize their profit margins.

We represent owners, builders, contractors, and construction managers. Structure Law Group, LLP brings to you the personal attention that you would expect from a small law firm, with the resources and knowledge that is often only found at a large law firm. To schedule a consultation with one of our Los Angeles construction attorneys, please call our office today at (310) 818‐7500. Prospective clients can also contact our office by submitting our online contact form.

Bond Claims

In many cases, a construction company is required to put up a completion bond to guarantee that the contractor will finish the work. This bond is paid to the City along with the application for a building permit. Then, when the work is completed, and the City issues a satisfactory inspection report, the bond is released. There are other types of surety bonds that a contractor might also carry: for example, a licensing bond that is used to settle claims against the contractor's professional license. Both contractors and aggrieved customers have legal interests in claims against any type of surety bond. This fact is why each party needs to consult with their own attorney when bond claims arise.

Construction Payment Claims (Mechanics Lien & Payment Bond Remedies)

California law regarding construction payment claims has changed recently and is subject to change. Any company that has had a problem obtaining payment for labor or materials supplied to a construction project knows how valuable mechanics’ lien, stop notices and payment bond procedures are in securing payment. The counsel provided by SLG’s experienced construction remedies attorneys can prevent construction laborers, material suppliers, or design professionals from losing their mechanics lien rights and remedies.

Currently, California offers two safeguards for parties that contribute labor, material or equipment or other construction services to a “private work of improvement”:

  1. A mechanics lien is a particular type of lien created by recent state law to guarantee payment to contractors once they have started work. A seasoned attorney knowledgeable in construction payments claims will make sure that the mechanics lien is perfected. This results in numerous benefits, including:
    • The owner's property turns into collateral for the money owed to the contractor.
    • This change creates a cloud on the title to the property.
    • A contractor can even enforce this lien by asking the court to foreclose on the owner's property. A contractor must do this within ninety days after recording the lien, or it expires and becomes unenforceable.
  2. Stop notices are a type of payment notice that creates a lien on any undisbursed construction funds held by an owner or construction lender. It can be used for public and private projects. If a payment notice has not been paid, the contractor can serve a stop payment notice on an owner. This now requires the owner to withhold funds from a direct contractor or, on lender financed projects, serve a stop payment notice on a construction lender which requires the construction lender to withhold funds from an owner.
  3. The lawyers of the Structure Law Group, LLP are skilled and experienced business lawyers who understand the complex laws and personal attention needed to provide the best counsel in construction payment claim issues. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call our office today at (310) 818-7500. Prospective clients can also contact our office via email by submitting our online contact form.

    Construction Defect Claims

    If you are a property owner being faced with construction work failure such as defective parts and/or poor labor, you have the option to file a construction defect claim against the contractor. Construction defect cases are often technically complex and may require expert witnesses who can testify with precision on parts or industry specific standards to which a contractor should be held to.

    When your project is derailed by failing construction work, SLG’s experienced attorneys can help you identify and address any technical issues presented by a particular construction defect claim. Whether you need to file a construction defect claim, or find yourself defending against a construction defect case, SLG will provide the best legal counsel to get your project back on schedule without any further risk or loss.

    Breach of Contract Claims

    Our attorneys are experienced in writing, reviewing, and negotiating construction contracts for private and public works construction, and represent a diverse array of owners, builders, contractors and construction managers. Construction involves skilled trade, large sums of money, property, and complex legality that necessitates clear contractual agreements.

    Simple contract disputes are the top reason behind most construction claims. Unfortunately, settling contract disputes in court can be time consuming, stressful, and costly. SLG’s construction and contracting savvy attorneys will provide your business with expertly crafted contracts to prevent the misfortune of contract claims from the outset. If you are currently facing a breach of contract claim, either as a plaintiff or a defendant, our attorneys provide professional, dedicated representation and advocate for your successful outcome.

    Construction Delay Claims

    Construction delays can cost businesses and stakeholders thousands to millions of dollars every day that work is not progressing. Our attorneys zealously protect against construction delay claims because we know the stakes are high. We will review and revise your construction contracts to:

    • Include delay penalties
    • Incorporate a "grace period" written into the contract
    • Provide a no‐fault provision for delays caused by circumstances beyond the contractor's control. (Such as weather, strikes, political upheaval, or a global pandemic.)

    If you are dealing with construction delays, facing construction delay claims, or want to tighten up your current contracts to avoid potential problems, our experienced construction contracting, and payment claims attorneys will provide you with representation and counsel you can rely on.

    Personal Injury Claims

    Statistically, construction is a dangerous field, and most career contractors will face a personal injury claim in one way or another at any given point in their career. Workers who are injured on a construction site are almost always entitled to workers' compensation coverage. Other people such as property owners, vendors, inspectors, subcontractors and even civilians passing by can also be injured by daily construction site hazards. SLG’s attorneys can help you file or defend against any claim arising from your construction project, whether it be for worker’s comp or personal injury.

    Experienced Los Angeles Contract Attorneys for All Types of Construction Claims

    The Los Angeles construction contracting attorneys at Structure Law Group have experience advocating for our clients in all types of construction claims. Call (310) 818-7500 or contact us through our website to schedule a consultation.

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