Debtor & Creditor Rights

Debtor and Creditor Rights Attorneys

When a debtor files for bankruptcy, it is one of the most challenging obstacles your business will face. Los Angeles debtor and creditor attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP provide seamless service for collection actions that transition from state court into bankruptcy claims, and we will always give clients an honest cost-benefit analysis of pursuing those claims versus foregoing further collection efforts. Debtor and Creditor Attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP represent debtors and creditors in all matters of debtor and creditor claims, bankruptcy, and insolvency matters. Our menu of services includes:

  • Commercial debt collection
  • Pre‐and post‐judgment remedies
  • Pre‐and post‐judgment attachment
  • Receiverships
  • Writs of execution
  • Bank and other levies
  • Debtor examinations and various other collection remedies
  • Enforcement and defense of judgments
  • Alter ego liability
  • Prosecution and defense of fraudulent conveyance actions
  • Debt restructurings and workouts
  • Insolvency
  • Pre‐bankruptcy counsel to both creditors and financially distressed businesses.

Because debt and credit are a common issue for any business, Structure Law Group, LLP also handles a wide‐range of commercial law matters and counsels businesses, business owners, investors, guarantors, lenders and real estate market participants in matters relating to alter ego liability, guarantor liability and defenses, anti‐deficiency laws, and fraudulent conveyance and related issues.

To schedule a consultation with one of our Los Angeles attorneys, please call our office today at (310) 818‐7500. Prospective clients can also contact our office by submitting our online contact form.

Creditors' Rights

California laws protect a creditor’s right to be paid what you are owed. Our team of knowledgeable business lawyers can help you exercise this right. Debt is harder to recover with the passing of time, so we encourage you to call us now so we can begin working towards a resolution to recover your assets.

Our attorneys know that to protect your rights as a creditor, you need a solution that is tailor made by a skillful attorney who is familiar with your particular situation. We may start with a simple analysis of the debtor's assets and liabilities to determine whether they can pay, how much they can pay, and the likelihood that they will pay. If the debtor is unable to pay and likely to file for bankruptcy, we provide confident advising and negotiations. If it’s strategic and fits with your goals, we may develop a workaround or restructuring of debt as soon as possible. Even if the debtor files for bankruptcy, your business might still have rights to the sale and use of the debtor's remaining assets (including cash collateral), and our attorneys will help you get your remedy and exercise your rights in any phase of collecting during bankruptcy proceedings.

Of course, not every debtor wants to file for bankruptcy. We have a wealth of experience and a well‐developed system to help you in this situation ‐ from seeking prejudgment remedies to recovering collateral and preserve assets, requesting judgment from the court, and initiating post‐judgment collection efforts if necessary. Throughout this process, your SLG attorney will be on the watch for fraudulent transfers by the debtor and will communicate with you on the status of your case. It can be frustrating and costly to collect on money that is owed to you, but you can trust that your SLG debtor and creditor rights attorney will take the pain out of the process and recover what is owed.

Debtors' Rights

If you have failed to make a payment or are in debt for any reason, it can take a toll on your reputation, your business, and your plans for the future. Our Los Angeles debtors rights attorneys will ensure that your rights are protected against aggressive creditors. We will intervene as early as possible and begin negotiating with your creditor on mutually beneficial terms so that you can rest assured that your rights are being fully exercised.


Structure Law Group, LLP's business lawyers represent creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and in bankruptcy litigation, including matters such as:

  • Claim prosecution
  • Stay relief
  • Preference defense
  • Turnover actions
  • Lien avoidance
  • Discharge ability actions
  • All phases of Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings
  • Chapter 7 liquidation proceedings
  • Bankruptcy counseling

The Los Angeles debtor & creditor attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP can assist with all legal matters involving bankruptcy in a business. Bankruptcy can be complex when it comes to business interests.

By consulting with a knowledgeable and practiced business lawyer early, you can ensure that your company is covered by the most comprehensive protection for its legal rights. The debtor & creditor rights attorneys at Structure Law Group LLP can assist with all legal matters involving credit, debt, and bankruptcy in a Los Angeles area business. Call us at (310) 818‐7500 or fill out our online contact form today.

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When it came time to setting up a corporation for our law firm—which does not do corporate work—I trusted SLG to set us up and keep us compliant with corporate requirements. Their reputation is pre-eminent among attorneys. Law Firm President
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We had a difficult situation with a problem employee. SLG had the perfect blend of strategy and diplomacy to sever the relationship and minimize any and all potential fall-out. We would highly recommend turning to SLG for any employment-related issue that comes up. Employee Benefits Consulting Company President
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