Los Angeles E-Commerce Lawyers Conducting Business on the Internet

The internet is constantly evolving and continues to revolutionize the way businesses can reach customers, make sales, and market products. “E‐commerce” describes goods and services that can be purchased via any internet‐connected device such as phones, tablets, and computers by way of extranet, electronic data interchange network, email, and many other platforms. Retail and online services only make up a small percentage of the e‐commerce market, whereas manufacturing and wholesale make up the largest portions. Our attorneys have actively represented clients on virtually every aspect of operational and legal issues involved with technology and e-commerce-related transactions.

Structure Law Group’s Los Angeles business attorneys have been providing legal counsel and protections for e‐commerce businesses from the outset of when e‐commerce first became possible. We work closely with each client to fully understand the nature of its business in order to anticipate needs and provide the highest quality, proactive service. Clients of the E-Commerce Practice Area range from start-up companies to Fortune 500 companies, and include telecommunications, imaging, content, software, and “brick and mortar” companies whose business activities involve E-Commerce. Our decades of experience where the firm got started in Silicon Valley includes representing clients from many different channels of e‐commerce, such as:

  • Development of e‐commerce platforms, including SaaS
  • Cloud computing
  • Social media
  • Internet marketing
  • Distribution
  • On‐line education
  • We regularly assist our clients in:
  • Drafting click‐through agreements
  • Privacy policies
  • Service level agreements.

Whether your Los Angeles business has been in e‐commerce for years, or you are an entrepreneur hoping to bring your business idea to fruition in the e‐commerce world, Structure Law Group’s seasoned Los Angeles business attorneys provide sound legal advice, representation, and risk reduction that will prove to be an integral part of your continuing success. The lawyers of the Structure Law Group, LLP are skilled Los Angeles business lawyers who value getting to know our clients so that we understand the unique needs of your businesses that operates through e‐commerce platforms.

To schedule an e‐commerce law consultation with one of our attorneys, please call our office today at (310) 818‐7500. Prospective clients can also contact our office via email by submitting our online contact form.

State Laws

Every state has laws that govern the e‐commerce market, and the far‐reaching connection e‐commerce provides for businesses often crosses multiple state lines. Structure Law Group’s talented e‐commerce lawyers are well versed in state law rules that can be triggered, such as:

  • Product liability
  • Sales tax
  • Negligence
  • Jurisdiction in legal suits
  • Health and Safety regulations
  • Shipping regulations
  • Employee relations such as wage and hour matters, minimum wage, withholdings, etc.
  • And other matters that are determined by state law.

California, as the hub of tech, has enacted significantly more state laws related to legal e‐commerce issues than most other places. That is why any business owner operating an e‐commerce business in Southern California or serving Los Angeles needs experienced legal counsel that can continuously provide comprehensive legal protections against violating California State e‐commerce laws that could potentially put your business at risk for loss and liability.

Online Advertising Compliance

There are laws on both the state and federal level that require e‐commerce businesses to comply with strict online advertising requirements. Famously, tech giants such as Facebook and Instagram have been reprimanded in court for failure to comply with advertising laws. However, any business dealing in e‐commerce has a duty to abide by these laws, regardless of the size and the span of your company’s reach. Structure Law Group’s Los Angeles e‐commerce attorneys stay informed of these laws and can continuously ensure that all of your business’s ads are not in violation.

If even a part of your business involves e‐commerce, the rules affect all of your advertisements, including ads on print, digital media, or online, as well as sales and marketing efforts you may employ such as robo calls, text messages, emails, newsletters, and any other kind of advertising your company pursues. Regardless of the form the advertisement takes, advertising compliance policies also govern who, what, when and where you are allowed to reach with your ads.

The internet has made the world a more connected place. The Los Angeles business lawyers of Structure Law Group, LLP are here to help your e‐commerce business stay connected to your customers while staying compliant with the rules.

FTC Regulation

In the United States, most federal regulations controlling advertising and e‐commerce are created by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC is particular in its requirements, and businesses are expected to adhere to these standards, whether they are a brick‐and‐mortar store or an online retailer or other e‐commerce provider. SLG’s e‐commerce attorneys are current with all FTC regulations and can protect your business from violations, such as:

  • Untruthful advertising
  • False, deceptive, unfair, advertising or promises.
  • Failure to adhere to strict guidelines for products that are marketed toward children and adolescents
  • Online advertisements that violate the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

This law takes the privacy of children very seriously, especially in the internet era. COPPA, in particular, can result in hefty fines for internet companies that violate the online privacy of children ‐ even when such violations are based on misunderstanding or ignorance of the law, and even if it is a single occurrence. SLG’s Los Angeles attorneys have worked with many Southern California e‐commerce businesses to create or adjust marketing strategies that are compliant with FTC regulations while remaining effective in reaching the desired audience.

Technology and Liability

Both state and federal governments have enacted strict laws providing protections for the privacy and information of online consumers, including both children and adults, that have harsh penalties for businesses that break these laws. This is why SLG’s Los Angeles business attorneys combine our knowledge and experience with your e‐commerce business needs to develop and maintain comprehensive terms of service and user agreements. These vital policies and procedures to protect user data need to be reviewed regularly by an attorney who is knowledgeable in both the laws and your business plan, to continuously adhere to the rule of law.

If your e‐commerce business were ever to encounter a security breach, you are less likely to be exposed to lawsuits if you can demonstrate that you have taken all the reasonable steps to protect your users’ data. Structure Law Group’s corporate lawyers safeguard you from expensive lawsuits and penalties by first making sure all reasonable actions on your part are being taken, and then by documenting and periodically reviewing your company’s security measures. If you are currently facing legal exposure due to a security breach, our team has many years of experience successfully representing e‐commerce clients in technology liability actions.

Contracts and Contract Disputes

Like any business, companies involved in e‐commerce enter into contracts with all kinds of other parties, such as shipping/handling services, employees, suppliers, customers, venders, and more. E‐commerce businesses, in particular, require contracts with technology services, IT providers, website hosting providers, tax planning and accounting services, and your online store’s platform provider. All contracts have the potential to expose your e‐commerce company to liability or dispute. Structure Law Group’s corporate attorneys have created and managed hundreds of contracts throughout our combined years of experience of representing e‐commerce businesses. By letting an experienced contract lawyer handle the drafting, negotiation, and upkeep of your contracts, you are proactively protecting yourself and your business from disputes and misunderstandings that lead to lawsuits and loss of business. If disputes arise, SLG’s business litigation attorneys are veterans of dispute resolution and contract dispute hearings.

Experienced E-Commerce Lawyers to Protect Online Retailers E‐commerce is fast growing and an exciting opportunity to ensure the success of your business, whether you are just beginning a startup or have been operating for years. But the opportunity also brings with it obligations to adhere to many laws, and has the potential for liability. The experienced Los Angeles e‐commerce lawyers at Structure Law Group know how to comply with regulations, and protect your chances at success in the complicated ‐ and crowded ‐ field of online retailing. Call (310) 818‐7500 or contact us through our website to schedule a consultation.
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