AI and Web3

Our Austin office is at forefront of the intersection between law, technology, and innovation. Our team of expert attorneys leverage a deep understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 technologies to provide comprehensive and tailored legal services:

  • AI Governance and Compliance
    • Providing guidance on regulatory compliance frameworks for AI development and deployment.
    • Crafting and scrutinizing AI usage policies to ensure alignment with ethical and legal standards.
    • Advocating for clients and offering representation in AI-related litigation and disputes.
  • Contracts and Licensing
    • Drafting and advising on AI and software development agreements, technology transfer agreements, and joint venture agreements.
    • Assisting with open-source licensing compliance and intellectual property due diligence.
  • Data Privacy and Security
    • Drafting and negotiating data sharing agreements and data processing contracts.
    • Assisting with GDPR and CCPA compliance in AI projects.
    • Drafting privacy policies and terms of service for AI-powered products and services.
  • Education and Training
    • Providing training workshops on legal issues relevant to AI companies, including intellectual property, data privacy, and regulatory compliance.
    • Developing educational materials and resources about legal developments and best practices to help AI companies stay informed.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Structuring and negotiating mergers, acquisitions, and AI-related joint ventures.
    • Assisting with legal due diligence, post-merger integration and regulatory approvals.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    • Advising on compliance with laws and regulations governing the development, deployment, and use of AI technologies, including data protection, consumer protection, and industry-specific regulations.
    • Conducting assessments to identify and mitigate legal risks associated with AI projects.
  • Smart Contracts and Blockchain
    • Supporting NFT deployment, smart contracts and audits on blockchain platforms.
    • Assisting with the development of self-regulatory frameworks for blockchain networks.
    • Advising on the deployment of smart wallets and cookie-less solutions..
  • Tokenization and Digital Assets
    • Advising on the legal aspects of tokenization of assets such as real estate and intellectual property.
    • Handling legal issues related to cryptocurrency exchanges and digital asset custody.
Client Reviews
When it came time to setting up a corporation for our law firm—which does not do corporate work—I trusted SLG to set us up and keep us compliant with corporate requirements. Their reputation is pre-eminent among attorneys. Law Firm President
Thanks to Structure Law Group for orchestrating a difficult project and for interacting with the counter-party with an effective combination of both gravitas and finesse. Result: the Impossible became Possible. Gated Clock
They diligently analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of our case and when the other side did not see it the same way, they did not hesitate to go to trial where we won a complete victory. Real Estate Developer
We had a difficult situation with a problem employee. SLG had the perfect blend of strategy and diplomacy to sever the relationship and minimize any and all potential fall-out. We would highly recommend turning to SLG for any employment-related issue that comes up. Employee Benefits Consulting Company President
SLG's attorneys have helped guide us through four lawsuits, waiver forms and other documents set up to help protect our company. Karting Company CEO