Construction Contracting and Payment Claims

Austin, TX Construction Contracting and Payment Claims Attorneys

SLG represents businesses in construction contracts and disputes. With offices in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Austin, we can meet the needs of local and multi-state companies operating in these markets. In addition, we can provide streamlined services to startups and emerging businesses that are just getting off the ground.

Construction contracts are among the most complex agreements because there are so many stakeholders and moving parts. Our job as your Austin construction attorney is to safeguard your interests against liability which can emerge from injury, loss of financing, business interruption, and loss of profit. Our Austin contract attorneys have experience in construction contracting, payment claims, project management, jobsite liability, dispute resolution, and more.

For more than 20 years, SLG has represented stakeholders of all types including builders, contractors, and construction managers. With the resources and knowledge of a large firm, SLG offers the personalized attention of a small firm to meet the needs of stakeholders in construction contracts and dispute resolution.

Austin, TX construction bond claims attorney

Bonds are generally required to ensure that a contractor completes the work they guaranteed. The bond is paid to the city and submitted with the application for the building permit. Once the work is completed, the city inspects the worksite and issues a satisfactory inspection report. The bond is then released to the construction company. Construction companies may also issue other types of surety bonds to guarantee claims settled against the contractor’s professional license. The attorneys at SLG have experience representing both construction companies and aggrieved customers in bond claims. If a bond claim arises, you will need the counsel of an experienced Austin, TX construction attorney.

Construction Payment Claims (Mechanic’s Liens and Payment Bond Remedies)

In Texas, mechanic’s liens are known as contractor’s liens. They are among the most powerful tools at the disposal of a vested party to ensure payment for services rendered. The lien encumbers the property’s title until the matter is settled with the aggrieved party. This can create serious problems for other parties since lenders generally don’t provide capital to projects with a clouded title. The lien, therefore, prevents the property from being sold until the matter is settled. Unpaid contractors have no greater leverage than the mechanics lien to force payment from unwilling parties.

If you are a contractor who needs to file a lien, you must be aware that Texas construction laws impose specific deadlines. You will only have a limited amount of time to file the lien before you will lose the opportunity. If you are a project manager who is dealing with an aggrieved stakeholder, SLG can help resolve the dispute so that you can move forward with your plans.

Stop notices are also a tool for unpaid contractors to recover funds that should have been disbursed to them but were not. This action places a freeze on construction funds. Stop notices aren’t available in Texas, but you can file a monthly notice to preserve your right to file a mechanics lien (and thus extend your deadline for filing a lien). SLG is familiar with each state’s laws concerning construction remedies.

Construction Defect Claims in Austin, TX

Austin property owners are not liable for construction defects that emerge from defective or substandard parts and/or poor labor. Companies that cannot uphold their part of a contract can be sued by filing a construction defect claim against the contractor. These cases tend to be technically complex and generally require the use of expert witnesses who can discuss industry-specific matters and standards in connection with your project.

If your Texas construction project is being derailed by faulty construction work, the attorneys at SLG can help you identify legal remedies to address the matter. Alternatively, SLG can help contractors facing defective construction claims defend themselves and resolve the matter with a minimum of loss.

Breach of Contract Claims Attorney in Austin, TX

Our attorneys have experience in writing, reviewing, negotiating, and enforcing construction contracts for both private and public works construction. SLG has represented builders, contractors, construction managers, and more in complex agreements involving major construction projects. With so many stakeholders, the legal complexities that emerge from construction deals often involve large sums of money, a major investment of time and resources, and the future hopes of the company that contracted the construction.

When contract disputes emerge, settling them will cost you time and money. Generally, having well-drafted contract agreements can avoid many of the issues that emerge during construction projects. SLG can provide your Austin company with peace of mind when entering into any construction contract.

Construction Delay Claims in Austin, TX

Construction delays cost businesses and stakeholders millions each year in avoidable shrinkage. Our ATX construction attorneys can vigorously defend clients from construction delay claims or avoid much of the economic loss associated with construction delays. We can review your contracts and ensure there is language to cover construction delays and associated penalties. We also provide companies with necessary force majeure clauses that insulate them from liability in the event that a circumstance beyond their control prevents them from meeting the terms of the contract. These include natural disasters, workers’ strikes, political unrest, and, of course, global pandemics.

SLG represents the interests of all stakeholders in construction delay claims. We can help you fine-tune your current contracts to include construction delay remedies or avoid liability under generic clauses that impose liability when matters are beyond your control.

Personal Injury Claims Arising From Construction Sites

Personal injury claims arising from construction sites are not uncommon. Since multiple stakeholders are involved, one party can accuse another party of liability for injury and their company would be liable for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. In Texas, companies are not required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, further clouding the matter. Personal injury lawsuits emerging from construction sites, not uncommon. You will want one of our Austin civil defense attorneys to protect your company from an injured worker’s claim. Alternatively, if your worker is injured due to the negligence of another party, you may be able to avoid workers’ compensation liability.

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