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Austin, TX Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney

Merging your business with another business or acquiring a new business is no small affair. Neither is selling your company. These transactions come with potential liabilities for both businesses and can impact the future of all stakeholders.

The Texas merger and acquisitions attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP are proud to have represented M&A transactions varying in value, up to and including tens of millions of dollars. SLG Texas M&A attorneys help you mitigate risks and protect your interests during the sale or merger of your business. We can also advise you on the potential risks of acquiring a new business.

Structure Law Group, LLP’s attorneys have been recognized in California as Super Lawyers in the specialty of mergers and acquisitions. We can help your Austin, TX business by providing multi-state representation with locations in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Austin, TX. Call us today at (512) 881-7500 to schedule a consultation and we can discuss your company’s goals. You can also fill out our online contact form.

Solution-Oriented Representation for Austin, TX Corporations

Mergers and acquisitions require specialties in several areas of the law including corporate and securities law. SLG Austin corporate attorneys draw from a trusted network of attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, and others who can help your company ensure that its best interests are being met by a potential merger, acquisition, or the purchase of your company. Our Texas corporate attorneys will work closely with your company to ensure that your best interests are being met in the deal. Below, we’ve prepared a non-exhaustive list of our services related to mergers and acquisitions.

Negotiating the Term Sheet During Mergers and Acquisitions

Term Sheets aren’t legally binding, but they solidify important components of high-level agreements between buyers and sellers. Overlooking key terms in your term sheet can be a major cause for concern later. The Texas corporate attorneys at SLG will help ensure your interests while negotiating key terms during the sale or purchase of a company.

Due Diligence During Mergers and Acquisitions in Austin, TX

Through due diligence, SLG protects the best interests of Austin corporations during their acquisition of a new company or the sale of their own company. For buyers, our Austin corporate lawyers thoroughly investigate the target company including issues such as capital structure, existing agreements, risks and liabilities, restrictions, and other matters. For clients who are selling their business, we ensure that all disclosures are made to the buyer to avoid lawsuits and liability later.

The Texas corporate attorneys at Structure Law Group can discover and avoid potential legal problems emerging from a transaction. This includes intellectual property disputes, improper employment practices, regulatory problems, lawsuits, and ownership ambiguities.

Transaction Documents for Austin Mergers and Acquisitions

One of the most important functions of a mergers and acquisitions attorney is the preparation of documents related to the deal. Business sale agreements generally contain hundreds of provisions. Such provisions include:

  • Board and shareholder resolutions
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Co-sale agreements
  • Disclosure schedules
  • Employment agreements
  • Right of first refusal agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Stock or asset purchase agreements
  • Voting agreements
Regulatory Filings for Austin Mergers and Acquisitions

It is important to understand that the government will want to know about the sale of your company or the acquisition of a new company. Regulatory filings with the SEC, IRS, FTC, DOJ, and many other regulatory agencies will very likely be necessary. Filings will vary depending on the size of the merger, the industry of the businesses, and the jurisdictions, or countries, in which both parties are located. SLG’s Austin corporate lawyers can ensure your filings are unimpeachable.

Strategic Planning for Austin, TX Corporations

Austin companies that are considering expansion by acquiring new companies need to be aware of the many pitfalls intrinsic in such transactions. When a company purchases another company, they are not only purchasing their assets, IP, and corporate infrastructure, they are also purchasing their debts, liabilities, and potential lawsuits that emerge from the company’s malfeasance or negligence. The job of your Austin mergers and acquisitions attorneys is to foresee potential pitfalls in the transaction and ensure that the purchased company is fully disclosing its liabilities to you prior to purchase.

SLG’s Texas corporate attorneys work closely with all of our clients in devising a strategic plan for growth. Because we understand your goals, we can help you make the best decisions in the short-term. This includes vetting potential purchase companies, protecting your interests in any deals, and foreseeing any potential pitfalls that emerge from the transaction.

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Structure Law Group, LLP has outlets in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Austin. Our firm got started in Silicon Valley during the tech boom and has since emerged as a highly decorated law firm in California. Having since expanded to Texas, we are ideally situated to help both emerging and expanding businesses, across the tech sector and beyond, navigate the legal landscape of both federal and state law.

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