Business Transactions

Business Transaction Attorneys in Austin, TX
  • Indemnification
  • Termination provisions
  • Consequential Damage Waiver
  • Limitations on Liability
  • Force Majeure
  • Contractual Remedies
  • Insurance
  • Payment Terms
  • Guaranties

Structure Law Group, LLP’s Texas Business Attorneys advise clients across a broad range of industries on commercial transactions that include partnerships and joint ventures, strategic transactions, mergers and acquisitions, among many others. Our Austin business attorneys have experience in a broad range of industries, including technology, e-commerce, manufacturing, professional services, real estate, lending and financial services. We frequently serve as outside general counsel to companies. Our clients trust and value our advice. Which is why we’ve continued to grow and expand.

Our Texas business attorneys take a practical and pragmatic approach to offer helpful solutions and provide value. Corporate transactional work, whether a stock or asset purchase or “standard” confidentiality agreement, is about assessing and navigating risk. We start by asking questions and offering observations before jumping in. A newly-formed startup has different expectations and objectives when they seek counsel on a non-disclosure agreement with a vendor than a mature, publicly traded company has when negotiating a non-disclosure agreement for a joint venture agreement with a key strategic partner. There is no one size fits all. We understand what the situation requires and calibrate our approach accordingly.

Austin, TX has become one of the country’s major business and technology hubs. With locations in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Austin, we can help multi-state businesses navigate complex state laws across jurisdictions and have experience in business hubs similar to ATX Staying current means knowing current law and how it applies, while also staying on top of the changing legal landscape. SLG Austin understands how disruptive technologies such as Bitcoin and Uber can cause legal problems for both the government and companies. Our Texas business attorneys can help insulate your company from liability while maximizing your profitability.

Transactions With Vendors

Whether you’re an established Austin business with relationships across the industry or a start-up just establishing relationships, the Austin business attorneys at SLG can help prepare your contracts to avoid costly problems down the line. Well-written agreements protect your interests and avoid costly contract disputes. SLG conducts a periodic review of vendor contracts to ensure that your transactions are updated and conform to your company’s evolving goals.

Transactions With Clients

It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to offer subscriptions to software and other client-related contracts. Well-written terms of service agreements for service vendors like IT security companies can prevent many of the disputes that arise between customers and businesses. While it can be tempting to use a template for terms-of-service agreements and other contracts, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution that will hold up in court. The Austin business transaction attorneys at SLG can prepare your business for potential pitfalls by crafting ironclad terms of service agreements and other customer-side contracts.

Transactions With Employees and Independent Contractors

SLG also has office locations in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. California has some of the most employee-friendly labor laws in the country with advanced infrastructure for determining if an employee is a contractor or a legitimate employee. California also has some of the most aggressive anti-discrimination and hostile work environment laws anywhere in the world. Texas SLG business attorneys are highly trained in the strict California business laws which gives our Texas clients a huge advantage.

SLG’s experience operating in a business environment like California will help Austin businesses prepare for the worst.

Contracts with employees and independent contractors can be among the most important contracts you sign. SLG can help your company manage employee and contractor-related transactions, while simultaneously ensuring that you keep abreast of the changing cultural and business climate.

Austin Real Estate Transactions Attorney

The Austin real estate attorneys at SLG understand how much is on the line when your company purchases a piece of real estate. These deals often involve multiple vested parties and extremely high stakes. These can include:

  • Large amounts of money
  • Property rights placed in jeopardy
  • Legal rights of access are threatened
  • You are potentially liable to other stakeholders
  • Lawsuits that emerge from stakeholder disputes

Texas is not an attorney-closing state. This means that, in order to transfer real estate from one party to another, you do not need an attorney to sign off on the deal. That being said, real estate brokers are not attorneys and cannot predict all of the problems that could arise from real property exchanges. Our Austin real estate attorneys can provide advice concerning financing or the best way to take ownership of a property, or even if the deal meets your needs or not. A real estate broker cannot and would not provide that information. while the Austin real estate transactions attorneys at SLG can provide you with that information. Our help has proven pivotal to preventing bad deals and ensuring that beneficial deals went through despite the encumbrances.

Business Transaction Attorneys in Austin, TX

Structure Law Group, LLP assists new and established businesses in Austin, TX handle all aspects and types of business transactions your business may come across and remain in your corner to assist you in reaching a deal that best suits your Texas business. With locations in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and Austin we are situated to assist multi-state companies in the tech sector with their evolving needs. Call our Austin business attorneys today at (512) 881-7500 to set up an appointment or fill out our online form and we can begin discussing your goals for your business.

Client Reviews
When it came time to setting up a corporation for our law firm—which does not do corporate work—I trusted SLG to set us up and keep us compliant with corporate requirements. Their reputation is pre-eminent among attorneys. Law Firm President
Thanks to Structure Law Group for orchestrating a difficult project and for interacting with the counter-party with an effective combination of both gravitas and finesse. Result: the Impossible became Possible. Gated Clock
They diligently analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of our case and when the other side did not see it the same way, they did not hesitate to go to trial where we won a complete victory. Real Estate Developer
We had a difficult situation with a problem employee. SLG had the perfect blend of strategy and diplomacy to sever the relationship and minimize any and all potential fall-out. We would highly recommend turning to SLG for any employment-related issue that comes up. Employee Benefits Consulting Company President
LG's attorneys have helped guide us through four lawsuits, waiver forms and other documents set up to help protect our company. Karting Company CEO