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Austin Business Litigation Attorneys

Structure Law Group, LLP’s Austin, Texas office is comprised of business minded attorneys that provide practical, cost efficient, and custom-tailored solutions for your business needs. The Austin business litigation attorneys at SLG are highly effective advocates for their clients allowing you to focus on what is important, running your business. The Austin business litigation team at Structure Law Group, LLP firm represent both plaintiffs and defendants, providing businesses with invaluable guidance through practical solutions and zealously advocacy.

Structure Law Group, LLP’s Austin, Texas office is uniquely qualified to provide its services to business large and small. With locations in Texas and California we have the reach, experience, and support needed to protect and fight for businesses of all sizes. While no two cases are the exact same, the Austin business attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP have handled thousands of business litigation cases including but not limited to employment disputes, shareholder disputes, partnership conflicts, breach of contract, misappropriation of trade secrets, real estate litigation, and construction cases. Regardless of the basis, nature, or size of the litigation, your business will benefit from having experienced Austin business attorneys on your side.

The business litigators at our Austin office are also particularly well suited for cases involving any technology sector disputes. With its origins in Silicon Valley, the business attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP have their fingers constantly on the pulse of the most innovative and challenging technology litigation cases.

The business attorneys at the Austin office pride themselves on representing clients in all stages of litigation from pre-lawsuit through trial and all phases in between. Structure Law Group, LLP’s success is unmatched, providing the highest level of work while being practical and continually getting favorable results for our clients. The litigators at Structure Law Group, LLP’s Austin office have fought for their client’s interest in both state and federal court, as well as in arbitration and mediation.

To schedule a consultation with one of our Austin business litigation attorneys, please call our office today at (512) 881-7500. Prospective clients can also contact our office by submitting our online contact form.

Austin Breach of Contract Attorney

Nearly all business will inevitably be involved with a breach of contract case. Either your business is being alleged to have breached a contract or another business has failed to perform as they have promised, leaving your business holding the bag. Breach of contract issues are among the most frequent claims brought by and against businesses in the State of Texas. Breach of contract claims arise in a variety of areas and can have minor to catastrophic repercussions on your business. Breach of contract can result in considerable losses both financially and to business reputation. With years of experience, the attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP’s Austin office cannot only help fight for your rights if another party has breached an agreement, but it can also defend your business and craft contracts to avoid future risk.

Austin Partnership and Shareholder Dispute Attorney

Conflicts between businesses can harm a company’s reputation in the market. Similarly, conflicts within a business can destroy it from the inside out. Disputes that arise between shareholders and executives drains a company of valuable resources. In our experience, handling these matters quickly and proactively is the best way to avoid serious loss.

Partnership and shareholder disputes often involve claims of self-dealing, breach of fiduciary duty, and mismanagement of the company and its resources. The Texas business attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP can help protect your business by providing cost effective, out of the box, and custom-tailored solutions.

Conflicts between parties with an interest in a company should be handled by a qualified professional such as the Texas business attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP’s Austin office. We are ready and able to assist your business in all aspects of partnership and shareholder disputes from pre-litigation through resolution or trial, if necessary. If you need assistance to protect your company from partnership and shareholder disputes, the Austin business litigation team at Structure Law Group are here to help.

Austin Intellectual Property Lawsuits

The Austin business litigation attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP are uniquely positioned to help prevent your valuable intellectual property from being used without your permission. With its origins in Silicon Valley, the Austin business litigation team of Structure Law Group are highly trained and well versed in cases arising out of technology disputes. The attorneys at our Austin office are available to provide protection of your intellectual property or even defend your business if it is wrongfully being accused of using other’s intellectual property.

Some areas of intellectual property that our Austin attorneys have dealt with include:

  • Trademarks,
  • Copyrights,
  • Patents, and
  • Trade secrets

Your business may be entitled to more than just monetary compensation, but also a court order preventing another business from improperly using your business’s invaluable intellectual property. The attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP’s Austin office are available to assist your business with any intellectual property needs.

Austin Labor Law and Employment Disputes Attorneys

Structure Law Group, LLP’s Austin litigation team has years of extensive experience in employment matters. Our Austin attorneys are well versed in common allegations against Texas business such as:

  • Discrimination,
  • Harassment,
  • Wage and Hour Violations,
  • Wrongful Termination,
  • Retaliation, and
  • ADA Compliance Failure

The Structure Law Group, LLP Austin attorneys are keenly aware of the need to handle these matters proactively as such claims can have an impact on employers. We not only can provide assistance after the fact, but our attorneys are able to advise your business on all aspects of risk mitigation tools and building the right company culture to future claims. If you find your business in the middle of an employment claim or if your business is simply looking to get ahead and take proactive steps to protect itself in the future, the attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP’s Austin office are available for you.

Property Acquisition in Austin

Whether you’re building a new facility or acquiring intellectual property, property acquisition is a complex process that requires qualified legal professional. The Austin business litigation attorneys at Structure Law Group, LLP can help your business navigate complex zoning issues, property line disputes, commercial lease, tenancy issue and insurance disputes that emerge from insured property.

Prevention and Risk Attorneys in Austin

Austin businesses who prepare for the worst can save themselves millions in costly litigation and settlements to aggrieved employees and partners. Often, these issues can be avoided by having the right procedures in place to avoid lawsuits in the first place. Companies often face sexual harassment or workplace discrimination lawsuits due to employees failing to understand and abide by the law. Structure Law Group, LLP can help prevent damaging lawsuits by advising our clients on best practices.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Austin

Currently, the courts are facing massive delays due to the pandemic. That’s why more and more businesses are choosing to opt for alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, and arbitration to avoid protracted litigation, court deadlines, and to keep the litigation private and confidential. Given Structure Law Group, LLP’s wide reach, we are able to work with both Austin arbitrators or judges as well as other states. The litigation attorneys for our Austin office are ready to assist your company in any form of alternative dispute resolution or help draft agreements that provide for alternative dispute resolutions in the future should a need arise.

Austin Arbitration and Mediation Attorneys

Arbitration is an alternative to the traditional, long drawn-out trial process. In arbitration, the parties select an arbitrator who functions as judge and will ensure the case is moved in an expedient manner. Arbitrators are private judges who are authorized to make binding decisions on matters of law, they rule on findings of fact, legal arguments, and more. Just like traditional trials, arbitration allows for parties to conduct discovery, attend mediation, call witnesses, and make motions to the arbitrator. Structure Law Group, LLP’s attorneys are well versed in arbitration and have handled arbitration of all sizes from small employment claims all the way up to multi-million-dollar international arbitrations.

Mediation, on the other hand, is a negotiation between two parties that is facilitated by a neutral third party. The main difference is that mediation and arbitration is that mediation is what is considered a voluntary process, meaning the mediator does not have the same binding authority as an arbitrator. The mediator’s role is to facilitate the discussion of settlement with the parties by pointing out strengths and weaknesses in hopes of resolving the dispute. Structure Law Group, LLP has years of advocating before mediators, including several day mediations to half day mediations Our Austin office is ready and available to assist you today.

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Structure Law Group, LLP represents new and established businesses in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Austin. With decades of experience, the attorneys in our Austin, Texas office are here to help guide your business through litigation or to help mitigate any potential risk in the future. Call our Austin, Texas business litigation attorneys today at (512) 881-7500 to learn more.

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When it came time to setting up a corporation for our law firm—which does not do corporate work—I trusted SLG to set us up and keep us compliant with corporate requirements. Their reputation is pre-eminent among attorneys. Law Firm President
Thanks to Structure Law Group for orchestrating a difficult project and for interacting with the counter-party with an effective combination of both gravitas and finesse. Result: the Impossible became Possible. Gated Clock
They diligently analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of our case and when the other side did not see it the same way, they did not hesitate to go to trial where we won a complete victory. Real Estate Developer
We had a difficult situation with a problem employee. SLG had the perfect blend of strategy and diplomacy to sever the relationship and minimize any and all potential fall-out. We would highly recommend turning to SLG for any employment-related issue that comes up. Employee Benefits Consulting Company President
LG's attorneys have helped guide us through four lawsuits, waiver forms and other documents set up to help protect our company. Karting Company CEO